About Us

Our Belief

A happy home requires a long-term willingness to explore with patience, appreciate the good, and celebrate everything!

As individuals we strive to live intentionally, seeking self-growth, upholding our boundaries, and continuously exploring. In our partnership, we bring the best we have to offer individually, empowering each other to become the best versions of ourselves.

We believe in play and prototyping to give voice to our curiosity. We’ve learned that the process of learning requires patience and building a space in our relationship where we can practice vulnerability. We believe in turning towards each other and choosing to heal our differences with honey. We know that building healthy relationships takes time and effort, and encouraging the effort and giving the benefit of doubt enables us to appreciate the small moments.

As we look back on our relationship, we realize we’ve always been intentional about building healthy relationships. Our value stones up top reflect the ethos with which we choose to live and build our home.

The idea behind LoVita came from our desire to build a language for connection, so we researched, tinkered, created – the fruition of our labor culminated in the frameworks, activities and date night ideas we share.

We practice what we believe in – because we know that love is a daily act, and that growing and living with love is a way of being.

We hope you & your partnerships can benefit from the tools we share. We would love to get to know your story; feel free to explore the site and connect with us on social media for weekly fresh content – and drop a comment or a message if you’d like to chat more about what we’re working on, or share ideas you’ve been playing with.

LoVita is a community made by Partners for Partners to come together – to learn, play and grow.

Lots of Love,
Raashi & Ansh

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