Love Stretching

A 5-step exercise to activate all your senses and increase love in 1 minute with you and your partner.

Emotional Status Dashboard

ESD is a place for the person who is feeling strong emotions, but doesn’t really know why – or what caused them – or even if they want to talk about them – to “express” non-verbally what is going on with them, so that the other partner can be aware – and hold the space for the partner in the storm to process what they are feeling.

Relationship Vision

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your relationship, or you’ve been together for several years – it’s never too early or too late to sit down with your partner and talk about what you aspire from your relationship.

Consume to Create

Not everything that we read in blogs and advice columns might be exactly relevant to our relationship. The answers might be a click away, but how do we sort through the information?

Reasons I Love You

Expressing gratitude to your partner is a simple and powerful way to focus the narrative on what you appreciate and love about each other.

Love Status

The longer you’ve been with your partner, the more likely it is that at times you and your partner’s needs haven’t always been in sync.


The best kind of tradition is one that is fun, customized to your preferences, and a fusion of many other traditions.

Yes, And

Responding with “No” can be a habit, which dismisses the other partner’s idea even if we didn’t intend it. To build a healthier relationship, It takes courage to change that default to a “Yes, And.”

Relationship Repair

All relationships encounter rough patches. These conflicts feel all-consuming. They create distance in your relationship and dissonance in what you want versus the reality that you’re living.

What would love do?

The next time you are in a tricky situation and not sure what to do, ask yourself – What would love do?


Debriefs are a way to talk about what’s happening or has recently happened and look at the situation from the perspective of what you feel & what was missed.

Steal like an Artist
Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist results in personalized love, creating a deeper sense of connection and helping build a healthier relationship.

Value Stones

Practicing what you preach requires awareness. Having a conversation on what you value brings intentionality to your relationship. 

Love Pills

Being intentional about nurturing a healthier relationship requires you to create little moments of love in everyday life

Conscious Coupling

The traditional idea of date nights involves going for a movie, romantic dinner, or a walk in the park. Conscious Coupling aims for something more intentional.

Safer Space

Having an “honest” conversation in the heat of the moment can make things worse. Inviting both partners into a Safer Space can prevent things from falling apart.