Aligning Priorities

by Nina Puebla & Karl Puebla – Instagram
Partners since Feb, 2010

Communication. Even though it can be difficult to find the time to communicate consistently due to life circumstances, we make the time. We do an activity called,  Love and Life Report Card. We start by writing down our set of priorities in life and ranking them from 0-10 for how satisfied or fulfilled we are on each. A few of the categories we rank are: relationship, parenting, social-life, self-care, enjoyment/pleasure etc. We then compare our answers and lists, prioritizing based on the areas that need the most improvement and start working on them by listing solutions.

Life is constant change and challenges. Every stage or situation in life varies as we grow older together ie. bf and gf, engaged, married, and parenthood. This is why having a foundation of interpersonal communication is important. Going back to re-assess previous report cards helps prevent repetition of adversities and future problems.

This activity has been effective for me and my partner by tackling several important factors in building a healthier relationship. It has helped us focus on what we both want to prioritize and what is in need of improvement; aligning my wants and needs with my partner. It is also a good exercise to practice for us because it maintains our relationship and communication afloat. We also discovered in this activity the “love-languages” that we both share.