Consume to Create

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We live in an information age – any question we have can be answered with the help of various devices: Best date night ideas? How do I talk to my partner about things they don’t want to discuss? How do we rejuvenate our sex life? The answers might be a click away, but how do we sort through the information? How do we avoid click baits, the fake news to find meaningful information that really works?

Not everything that we read in blogs and advice columns might be precisely relevant to our relationship, yet it is our best bet. When learnings from research-based resources seem insightful, we question the validity of the stats when it doesn’t align with our situation. As we consume what others have created, we go through their opinions and advice. 

From this consumption, we create our own plan of action. We Steal Like an Artist, remixing our personal experiences with all that we have read and listened from others to fit our unique relationship needs. We consume before we create; it’s the natural process of swimming through uncertainty.

When Ansh and I were just starting out, we scoured the internet for events and new locations to go on dates. We created scavenger hunts for each other. From the organic process of consuming the ideas around us, we began to create our own works of art. For us, the culmination of this process led to the creation of LoVita. 

Today, as we continue to build out our frameworks, and the foundation of our partnership – we consistently seek out new materials to consume. From leading institutes like The School of Life and The Gottman Institute to individuals like Esther Perel; we consume content from books, authors, therapists, coaches, and educational institutes put out so we can create remixed & relevant new activities to play during our Conscious Coupling sessions.

What can you do?

  • List your top Source of inspiration that you seek out to help you build a healthier relationship
  • Share that resource with 1 other person who you care for
  • Share 1 framework/tool/activity you have created for your relationship and seek the same from others
  • Be intentional and discuss the exchange to learn from each other

Learning with and from our friends is a great way to distill down vast amounts of information and find some of the best activities and tools that can actually add value to your relationship. Feel free to check some of our Recommendations for additional workbooks and activities that we’ve tried and love.

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