Love Pills

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Celebrate Love Everyday

How does one get access to love vitamins for a healthier relationship? The key is to find happiness in small things (choti choti khushiyan).

Take note of what you do for your partner. List the things that your partner does for you. Exchange your lists and cross-examine the items.

We celebrate small things by drawing love pills from a little love jar. Pills in the jar contain activities that we both enjoy doing together. It could be taking a walk in the park, going on a drive, getting takeout food, or giving your partner a massage. These are daily tasks we like that bring us small doses of happiness.

Activities to Explore

Being intentional about nurturing a healthier relationship requires you to create little moments of love in everyday life. By doing so, you surround yourself in an environment where daily acts of love are normalized. Just like a workout routine is important to live a healthy life, a “celebrating love every day” habit is vital for a healthier relationship.

While cross-examining your lists,

  • Reflect on how the idea of small v. big acts of love show up in your life and how that makes you feel.
  • To reinforce what you like, call out and appreciate specific things from the lists that your partner has done.

You can consider doing this activity during your next Conscious Coupling session.

Although expressing love with grand gestures feels great, we soon realized that it’s unscalable. Today, our acts of love range from small things like exchanging handwritten messages on post-it notes, to larger things like planning a vacation.

In the end, celebrating love in small ways is about simplicity and consistency. Over time, little actions of love, reinforce the foundation of your relationship.