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Our Story

Traditions can have different meanings for everyone. For us, we like to make our own by fusing existing traditions, keeping what we like, and leaving the rest.

Each partner brings with them their own traditions as an individual in a relationship. It is not always fair to expect the other to just understand and adopt those without any discussion.

Bubble Gum Jar Image

As the holidays approached, we kept arguing about the best way to celebrate. What we did agree on was that traditions are about celebration.

In one of our Value Stones discussions, we defined what traditions meant for each of us individually. We realized that celebrating holidays the traditional way wasn’t enough for us. Naturally, we decided to personalize our traditions. The best part about making your own custom traditions is that you set the rules and cannot go wrong.

We didn’t stop there and recently started a Bubble Gum Jar tradition focused on the idea of Celebrating Every Day. In our jar, we have little balls that correspond to random recipes from a list we created. This started as a way to learn how to cook new cuisines; spicing up an everyday chore that had gotten mundane.


  • Think about an existing tradition that you celebrate or an opportunity to start a new one.
  • Brainstorm ways in which you can gamify and personalize it.
  • Create patterns to celebrate regularly by defining your own cadence

The best kind of tradition is one that is fun, customized to your preferences, and a fusion of many other traditions. If you have an interesting tradition with your partner, Share Your Story on LoVita. If not, start one, then Share Your Story on LoVita.