Steal Like an Artist

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Steal Like an Artist is about taking what you like and leaving the rest. Make the Frameworks more meaningful for your relationship by customizing, personalizing, and gamifying them with your partner. 


One of the first gifts we exchanged was a digital notebook to complement our love for writing. Although a cool gadget, it didn’t hold much value and was never used. We realized that even though the gift was a very thoughtful gesture it wasn’t intentional. What we were missing was why this was important.

Now, we Yes, And things that we love, then dig deeper to identify what is the specific value behind the idea. For example, we extended our love of board games by creating our own game – Ouropoly. The intention was to build a custom game we would love to play. In the game, we layered places and dates of importance. Each modification was a way for us to reflect on the parts of our life we are the proudest of, and make it more fun to play.

Find what you and your partner can Steal Like an Artist

  • Identify an activity that you both love
  • Reflect on what you love about it
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to personalize
  • Start with something small and iterate over time

Steal Like an Artist results in personalized love, creating a deeper sense of connection and helping build a healthier relationship. There’s no right or wrong way of loving your partner. Love the way you would like to be loved. Build a framework that you would like to use to build a healthier relationship with your partner.

PS: If you want more information on the game from the image above contact us.


  1. Author of Steal Like an Artist who inspired us to steal his ideas, Austin Kleon.
  2. Each other; paying attention to the things our partner loves we gain a treasure chest of ideas that can be adapted into custom games, dates, gifts, etc.