Skip the Beat – Nawantiti – Small Love

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  • Play with all intensities of showing love: show love in big moments and show love in everyday moments
  • Show love often. We don’t have to wait for a big moment to show love. Love is an action – when we show love in everyday moments, we receive the opportunity to build a home that is filled with love.

The moment of celebration should be special. We should make our partners feel like they are loved. Celebrating every day does not and should not detract from celebrating the special events and milestones. Instead, it is about adding to the celebration we do every day. The craving for giving love and receiving love can be fulfilled every day, we don’t need to wait for the big moments to express it.

Two things to consider here are

  1. How – Intensity – how grand of a gesture you want your display of love to be
  2. When – Frequency – how often do you want to share your love

Traditionally, the norm has been about High Intensity and Low Frequency, celebrating love every day is about Low intensity and High frequency.

Planned spontaneity can help ease some of the anxiety that might revolve around planning surprises too often or not, based on how your partner defines what that frequency is.

If you are requesting a form of love, be willing to show that form of love. Starting with self-love, if showing love that you would like to get from someone else, seems challenging as well.